Toyer Helps Amend Vancouver Warehouse Moratorium

At the end of 2022, the City of Vancouver adopted an emergency moratorium on warehousing and distribution projects, arguing that the city was seeing too many large warehousing projects and were concerned about traffic, climate change, low employment density, etc.
Toyer Strategic, working with several clients and local business organizations, completed outreach to the city, conducted research on the moratorium’s impacts, and prepared talking points to show the unintended consequences the city could expect as a result of the moratorium, including lost city tax revenues, stunted economic development, and more.
After listening to Toyer Strategic and many other stakeholders in a Feb 6, 2023 public hearing, the City Council passed motions directing staff to bring back amendments to the moratorium, including allowing warehousing projects up to 250,000 square feet, as well as exempting warehouse projects on Port property.
Those amendments were adopted on March 6th.

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