Development Entitlements

We have two decades of experience in zoning, real estate development and project entitlements.

Our team of advisors work with builders, developers and land owners, providing a broad range of high value services that improve the entitlement process, resolve complex permitting hurdles and increase your ROI.

Although we primarily work in Washington State, navigating the State’s complex grow management laws, we’ve done work other states, including Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

What We Do Best
  1. Zoning letters of opinion
  2. Regulatory review
  3. Project feasibility support and site assessments
  4. Negotiation of master development agreements
  5. Permit expediting
  6. Road use and/or haul route agreements
  7. Annexations (direct petition or election method)
  8. Night haul operations/permits to work night-time hours
  9. Negotiation of preliminary and final plat conditions
  10. Incentive creation and negotiation (exclusive to economic development)
  11. Communications and outreach
  12. Third party, expert analysis
  13. Supplemental project management