Focusing on Micropolitans

Our firm believes that the nation’s 550 Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSA) are mightier than the ‘micro’ implies.  These are smaller, more livable labor markets more often than not have infrastructure capacities and strong willingness to incentivize development.  But we see too many examples where their economic development efforts haven’t paid off.

Why?  Our firm believes the lackluster performance is attributable to overly complex, expensive and irrelevant economic development plans that usually have one or more of the following problems:

  1. They are long and rehash too much known, irrelevant data
  2. They are doomed by cognitive biases within traditional strategic planning models
  3. They confuse goals but not actions.  In sum, they create binders to collect dust on shelves and reports that get filed and forgotten.

Our work with Micropolitans is different.  It goes beyond planning and involves training, practice and implementation.  Think of it as the difference between writing a playbook and training camp (or even a pre-season game) – the former creates a document (an object), the latter represents the momentum (action) that can build into a championship.

If you’re ready to transform how you do economic development, then you may be ready for our firm’s assistance.

Micgrowpolitan™ is our signature economic development consulting service for Micropolitans. 

But it’s not for every Micropolitan.  It’s only for Micropolitans that:

  1. Want to grow, as opposed to those that hope to grow
  2. Are willing to try a different approach to get different (better) results
  3. Are ready to make a commitment to (invest in) taking action

If your Micropolitan meets these three criteria, then we are confident we can help you transform from a Micropolitan into a Micgrowpolitan™ that leverages its location and assets to successfully compete for and attract business investments, job creation and population growth!

Our Basic Package of Services
Using an approach similar to the Toyer Framework® we’ll help you refresh or replace your current economic development plan with a foundation for growth and preparedness to act.  Working with your community or economic development organization, we’ll customize a scope of work that fits your needs and your budget.

Our Advances Services & Certification Program
For those Micropolitans looking to gain the most competitive edge over their 500+ peers, we offer an expanded version of our service package that further evaluates your community and identifies structure changes that are required to be more attractive to new growth and investment.  For example, this includes reviving your development codes, comprehensive plans, policies and procedures and organizational capacity.  And we provide comprehensive mentoring, training and implementation support.  Upon completing key elements of this program, Micropolitans have the opportunity to earn status as a Certified Micgrowpolitan™ including a license to use the certification logo and the opportunity to participate in cooperative marketing programs and partnerships.

Get Information About Certification

What are You Waiting for?  Take Action Now!
If your interested in earning Certified Micgrowpolitan™ status in 2019, please contact now.  THERE ARE ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT in the certification program in 2019.  Request more information today to get started.

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