Our Focus

Our firm believes the nation’s 551 Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSA) are mightier than the “micro” implies.

Officially defined by OMB as labor markets having an core ‘urban‘ population between 10,000 and 50,000, Micropolitans are highly livable and affordable communities that often have underutilized infrastructure, as well as available buildings and sites.  Yet many Micropolitans haven’t fully realized their potential.

Exclusive to You

We’ve launched a brand of economic development consulting services tailored for the Micropolitan ready to accelerate their growth and transform into a Micgrowpolitan™ – a Micropolitan realizing it’s full economic development potential.

Popular Services

The following are budget conscious and high impact services offered exclusively to Micropolitans.  For details on each service, click on it’s link.

  • Action Planning – a re-imagined approach to strategic planning that’s cost effective and results focused
  • Prospect Host Training – a live-fire training exercise to strengthen your RFP responses and prepare for hosting prospects
  • SiteSWOT™ – one step from site certification this third party site assessment improves your competitiveness

Contact us for additional economic development programs and services available.

New certification program

We believe that Micropolitans can take more advance steps to position their communities for sustained growth, including a focus on workforce housing initiatives, local regulatory reform, and more. 

We are looking for 3 interested communities that want to help us launch a Certified Micgrowpolitan® program that will assess seven core components of successful economic development, recommend improvements, and recognize qualifying Micropolitans that demonstrate excellence in each of the six core components:

  1. Development Potential –  current economic development strategy, including programs, projects and goals
  2. Organizational Capacity – the organization’s ability to execute on strategies to reach the community’s goals
  3. Asset Management – availability and quality of buildings and sites, infrastructure, etc. to be positioned for growth
  4. Regulatory Environment – limited local barriers to growth, including zoning, permitting, etc. plus political support
  5. Communications – the strategy for marketing the community and communicating with an internal audience
  6. Workforce & Talent – the availability, quality and accessibility of workforce development and talent attraction programs
  7. Livability – commitment to improving quality of life through invest in education, community amenities, etc.

The benefits to your community being an early participant in the Certified Micgrowpolitan® program are:

  • Certification at an “early adopters” price
  • A license to use the trademark Micgrowpolitan® logo in your marketing for 5 years
  • Promotion of your Certified Micgrowpolitan® status on our website, in e-newsletters and on social media

Contact Us About Certification

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