Economic Development

As a result of the pandemic and recession, “Economic Development” is a major focal point for cities, counties, and economic development organizations (EDOs).   With our public and private sector experience, we’re uniquely positioned to help cities, counties and EDPs identify both “quick action” strategies as well as long-term economic opportunities.

Our public sector economic development clients benefit from our company’s work advising some of the nation’s largest industrial real estate developers as they make location decisions and build the next generation of industrial parks.

As a result, our expertise can help guide your city or local economic development organization through updates to its strategic plan or decide on public investments in key infrastructure.

If you community, chamber, or EDO is ready to go bold with its economic development efforts, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help.

Past Clients:

  • City of Pacific, WA
  • City of Spencer, IA
  • Town of Skykomish, WA
  • City of El Segundo, CA
  • Greater Burlington Partnership (Burlington, IA)
  • City of Webster City, IA