How Much Could GMA Change?

In the years since the Legislature commissioned the “Roadmap to Washington’s Future” a group of planners and agencies have been working to develop an overhaul to the Growth Management Act (GMA).
Although the 2021 legislative session is anticipated to be about budgets and COVID, some legislative leaders are keeping the door open to consider bold amendments to the GMA as a way to address the budget, social equity, and climate change.
Amendments are expected to address topics ranging from local changes the state must approve before they go into effect, new standards that focus on “net ecological gain” and much more.   Check out this recent story in “The Urbanist” for more highlights on what to expect.
It’s unclear how these changes will impact real estate and development, but our firm will be closely monitoring the session on behalf of our clients.

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Toyer Secures Federal Way Annexation

Toyer Strategic recently completed a direct petition method annexation, bringing 21 acres zoned for Community Business into the City of Federal Way.  The annexation cleared the way for a new business investment that will generate new jobs and tax revenues to stimulate Federal Way’s economy.

Only 22 Days Left!

Got a piece of property in Snohomish County that you want to re-designate for a higher value land use designation? 

You’d better hurry up because you only have until October 30th to submit an application if you would like your amendment to be heard during the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycle.

Don’t worry we have you covered.  With over two decades of experience preparing, submitting, and lobbying for comprehensive plan amendments and rezones, we can get your application in for review by the deadline as long as you contact us by noon on Friday October 23rd.

Lacey LI-C Zone Community Meeting

Toyer Strategic is working on behalf of HBBP, LLC to propose amendments to the Lacey LI-C zone to allow for an increase in building size if additional requirements are met (including wellhead protection, retention of existing industrial buildings, etc.).  Learn more.

As part of the public engagement for this proposal, we joined the City of Lacey in an online community forum on August 31st.  Missed it?  Watch the video below.

Attracting Economic Development

If your community is struggling to attract economic development opportunities, it may be time to look at the factors influencing the cost of development and it’s relationship to the local market.

Although released in the Fall of 2016, this SIOR article by Debroah Mickler is an excellent outline of the variables that make or break “feasibility” for new industrial (or any other) development.

By highlighting how an industrial developer determines what it can pay for land, the article also shows how project costs (e.g. impact and permit fees; or off-site infrastructure improvements) impact a project’s budget relative to land cost.

Taking the time to identify these variables in your community can help your city or economic development organization better understand why it may not be attracting the opportunities envisioned.  It is also a great starting point for a conversation on the types of incentives it may take to attract projects (e.g. expedited permitting; offsets to land cost; tax increment financing of infrastructure, etc.).

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