Attracting Economic Development

If your community is struggling to attract economic development opportunities, it may be time to look at the factors influencing the cost of development and it’s relationship to the local market.

Although released in the Fall of 2016, this SIOR article by Debroah Mickler is an excellent outline of the variables that make or break “feasibility” for new industrial (or any other) development.

By highlighting how an industrial developer determines what it can pay for land, the article also shows how project costs (e.g. impact and permit fees; or off-site infrastructure improvements) impact a project’s budget relative to land cost.

Taking the time to identify these variables in your community can help your city or economic development organization better understand why it may not be attracting the opportunities envisioned.  It is also a great starting point for a conversation on the types of incentives it may take to attract projects (e.g. expedited permitting; offsets to land cost; tax increment financing of infrastructure, etc.).

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Toyer Comments on Vision 2050

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is currently taking comments on Vision 2050 – the regional multi-county planning policies that will guide and influence the next round of county and city comprehensive plan updates.  The public comment deadline is September 16th at 5pm.

Below is our comment letter outlining our firm’s concerns and requesting PSRC consider amendments to specific draft policies on development patterns, transportation and growth allocations.


City Led Direct Petition Method Annexation?

Did you know that the Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC) of Washington has advised cities that they can provide direct support and resources for direct petition method annexation?  See MRSC comments here.

This has often taken the form of an “annexation coordinator” or “neighborhood coordinator” staff position, which is what the City of Lake Stevens successfully did from 2005 to 2007.

As an alternative, a City could hire a consultant to help the city pursue a direct petition method annexations, including identifying annexation areas, performing outreach to residents of the area, gathering signatures and processing the annexation through the boundary review board.

Recently, we’ve helped private landowners complete annexations, including a 100+ acre annexation in the City of Lake Stevens.  Learn more

Here’s a brief presentation of the how, why and cost of hiring a firm like ours to help with annexation:

Toyer Strategic Annexation Mgmt