Supporting NorthPoint’s Cascade Commerce Center

Our firm is excited to be assisting NorthPoint Development, in obtaining entitlements for a 426-acre industrial park in the cities of Arlington and Marysville, Washington.  Featuring over 4 million square feet of Class A industrial space, the Cascade Commerce Center will attract new manufacturing, logistics and technology companies that could create as many as 5,000 new jobs.

This development is part of the Arlington-Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center (AMMIC), also known as the Cascade Industrial Center, which has been designated as a regional manufacturing industrial growth center by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC).

NorthPoint, based in Riverside, Missouri, is the nation’s largest developer of industrial space over the past five years.


  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment & Rezone (Arlington parcel)
  • Economic Impact Analysis of Job Creation & Increased Tax Base
  • Support for the USACE Alternatives Analysis
  • Negotiation of Development Agreements (in both Arlington & Marysville)
  • Entitlement Expediting
  • Community Outreach

Zoning & Small Business

Ran across a story covering another example of zoning issues small businesses (especially those run out of homes and garages) can encounter when they assume that because they operate from home, they are a home based business or home occupation.

Should you run into problems like this, we can help.  Our firm works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to understand zoning, pick the right location for their business, negotiate development conditions, and secure the right permits.  We can also help businesses with zoning compliance (permitting after the fact) when they run into trouble. #permitting #landuse

Full Story:

More on the National Housing Shortage

Nationwide #housing availability and affordability is a major economic and social issue. In some locations, it’s a crisis.

Our company advises developers, but we also advise communities. And we’ve worked with a few #economicdevelopment organizations and cities in Iowa that recognize housing and population are keys to their future success.

We aren’t involved in this project but we’ve been following a zoning battle in Iowa City – a college town integral to fueling Iowa’s economy and retaining the state’s college graduates that often flee to bigger cities in the Midwest. This issue is an example of the complexities and personalization that impact #landuseplanning nationwide, worsening the housing dilemma.

It’s even more interesting in context as #iowa cities (even some near Iowa City) offer tax incentives to attract developers and/or buyers to grow their communities. Some communities in Iowa even have to develop plats to encourage housing like others develop speculative industrial buildings to attract jobs. We were quite surprised a few years ago by what we found when doing a study of Iowa for a client.

Iowa City Story (Press Citizen)

USPTO Approves MicGrowPolitan® Trademark

A couple of weeks ago we received some exciting news.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has official approved and registered our trademark for MicGrowPolitan® – a brand of economic development services created and tailored to the needs of the nation’s 551 official Micropolitan Statistical Areas.  Learn more