Rhodora Annexation Hits 60% Milestone

On July 19th, the Lake Stevens City Council approved Resolution 2018-018, accepting the 60% petition for a 103-acre annexation known as the Rhodora Annexation.  The approval sends the annexation forward to the State Boundary Review Board for a mandatory 45 day review.  If during the 45 day review period no jurisdictions request the board invoke their jurisdiction, the annexation will return to the City for final consideration.

Toyer Strategic has been assisting the petitioners through the entire annexation process, which began last September.  For more information on the Rhodora Annexation.


City of Pacific Seeks Intern

The City of Pacific, Washington is seeking an intern to assist the City with a project involving the development of a business database for all local commercial and industrial businesses.  For more information please contact Jack Dodge, Community Development Director for the City of Pacific, at ( 253-929-1107) or see the project description below.

Description of Intern Job - 2-28-18

Exclusive: Rhodora Annexation Reaches 60%

Working with several landowners, we recently submitted a 60% notice of intent to annex the Rhodora Area to the City of Lake Stevens.  Getting to this milestone was not easy.

The effort began last September with an analysis of the area and determination of which method of annexation method to pursue, deciding to move forward with a direct petition method annexation.

Since then we’ve spent months reaching out and meeting with nearly every property owner in the annexation area to discuss the annexation and what it means.

You can learn more about the annexation at www.toyerstrategic.com/annex

But here are examples of how we have reached out:

Mailer #1

Door Hanger #2 (Front)

Door Hanger #2 (Back)

Mailer #3

Pellerin Annexation Hits Milestone

Click here for a map of the Pellerin Annexation.

David Toyer, founder of Toyer Strategic Consulting and a native of Lake Stevens, is leading several annexation efforts to finally unite Lake Stevens as one community around the lake.

The first of the annexations to achieve a 60% petition is a 27 acre area known as “Pellerin.”

Here’s an overview:

  • On October 3, 2017 we submitted a 10% notice of intent to annexation the area known as “Pellerin” to the City of Lake Stevens.
  • On December 12, 2017 the City Council for the City of Lake Stevens adopted Resolution 2017-021, authorizing circulation of a 60% petition.
  • On December 21, 2017 we submitted a 60% annexation petition to the City of Lake Stevens, seeking annexation of approximately 27 acres.
  • Submission of the 60% petition now requires the City of Lake Stevens to hold a public hearing to formally consider annexation of the area.
  • If annexed, the Pellerin area would have a comprehensive plan designation of medium density residential (MDR) and zoning of high urban residential (HUR).
  • We expect the public hearing to occur in late January or early February of 2018.



Toyer Assists ILEAD with Project Management

Toyer Strategic is a proud contributor and mentor to the Southeast Iowa ILEAD program, giving high school students real project experience while earning credits towards graduation.

Recently we developed a project management guide for the students to use as they cultivate projects, develop scopes of work, identify resources and structure the management of a job from start to finish.


ILEAD is a unique educational program where teams of high performing high school juniors and seniors will consult on and manage real projects for business and community organizations – creating ‘authentic’ learning experiences that satisfy their requirements to graduate.  ILEAD is modeled in part after Iowa Big (see an article we wrote on this awhile back).

Click here for more information about ILEAD.