Rhodora Annexation Clears State Board

Lake Stevens, Washington.  The Washington State Boundary Review Board (BRB) for Snohomish County issued its written decision Tuesday, denying an appeal brought by landowners in the area.  The decision clears the way for approval of the Rhodora Annexation by the Lake Stevens City Council subject to expiration of the 30 day appeal period on BRB decisions.

Our firm has managed the annexation process for the initiating landowners (initiators), including circulation of the 10% and 60% annexation petitions, developing and distributing information about the annexation to residents, and representing initiators in the annexation proceedings.

If final approval is granted by the Lake Stevens City Council, the annexation would bring approximately 103 acres into the City at the southeast end of the lake.  More information

Working Towards One Community Around the Lake

“One Community Around the Lake” has been a mantra for many years as efforts have been underway in Lake Stevens to annex the the remaining land within Lake Stevens’ Urban Growth Area (UGA) into the City.  With benefits ranging from City police services to the opportunity to have a vote in Lake Stevens, many residents have wanted to no longer live at a Lake Stevens address, but actually be a resident of Lake Stevens.  Unfortunately, the last major annexation happened well over seven years ago.

Although the City has committed to annexing more territory in the next few years, several property owners in unincorporated Snohomish County have engaged Toyer Strategic Consulting to provide support for proposed annexations under the direct petition method of annexation.

This week, Toyer Strategic Consulting filed two separate 10% petitions for annexation, seeking to bring two neighborhoods in South Lake Stevens into the city limits.

The filing of the petitions kicks of a 60 day clock for the City to review the proposed annexations, meet with the initiators and determine whether to allow the annexation effort to move forward.