Traffic Analysis

HBBP, LLC had Gibson Traffic Consultants (GTC) complete a non-project level trip generation analysis of three development scenarios at the Applicant’s site to determine the total traffic impact and the percentage of traffic that may be attributable to trucks.

In sum, the GTC analysis found that compared to development under the existing code, new development under HBBP’s proposed code would result in fewer overall trips, but have a higher percentage of truck trips and more truck trips in the PM peak hour.

Current Code

Under the existing LI-C zoning code a developer could construct six new light industrial buildings (each under the 200,000 square foot cap) totaling 963,000 square feet.   This would generate an estimated 605 average daily trips which 2% would be trucks.

With the Code Amendment

This scenario considered the construction of a 500,000 square foot facility, two smaller industrial buildings, and the retention of several existing buildings.  Gibson’s report found this scenario had 36% fewer total average daily trips, but had slightly more truck trips per day than what could develop under the existing code.