Toyer Framework®

Unlike this picture, the cost of traditional planning is no longer in balance with the outcomes of traditional planning.

The Problem

Former California Governor Jerry Brown said it eloquently:

The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.

That’s why the most common problem among economic development organizations and local government today is the belief that another plan taking 6 months, 6 figures and 60+ pages to develop a vision, set goals and summarize strategies is a silver bullet to success.

Our Solution

Our firm can help that competitor spend 60 minutes on a vision and 6 hours developing goals and strategies (leaving an hour for lunch).  And by the next day they’re ready to begin creating results.

Why it Works

Because taking action gives have more time to develop relationships, understand and leverage their assets, and promote their relevancy now!  Plus the money that would have gone into a planning document is now available to tap experts that can help you optimize and enhance the actions you take.

The Approach

The Toyer Framework® is a straight forward and cost effective approach to defining strategy and taking action, while “planning” is structurally and traditionally a process to create a document.

Using Toyer Framework® we help communities (particularly those 50,000 or less in population):

  1. Resolve the inconsistencies of past plans
  2. Define or refine the community’s vision
  3. Articulate SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats)
  4. Prioritize actions and investments
  5. Define roles and responsibilities for implementation
What’s Included

The Toyer Framework® includes a community download call; a series of strategic interviews; a boots-on-the-ground tour and asset inventory by one of our economic developers; a one-day, facilitated session with your team or board; a conference call debrief; a short report outlining the actionable, implementable strategies for your Micropolitan; and three implementation coaching sessions via conference call.

Contact us today and get a quote for your community.

Toyer Framework® is a registered trademark of Toyer Strategic Consulting, LLC.

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