Toyer Framework®

Toyer Framework®

Through our many years of experience leading and participating in planning exercises, we have too often see communities and organizations spend considerable resources (time, money and human capital) turning every planning effort into an elaborate and overwhelming comprehensive planning project. These plans can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take as long as a year (or more) to complete. The downside to this trend is that communities have spent so much time and money on planning that one of three things often happens:

1. They don’t have the resources left to effectively implement the plan
2. The plan is no longer relevant to current, changing conditions (economic, social, etc.)
3. The plan is viewed as a “vision document” and not a “work plan”

As a result, we’ve developed a solution called: Toyer Framework®

This solution focuses on creating individualized and straight-forward economic development work plans for communities 50,000 population or smaller, which:

  1. Catalog a community’s physical and other assets
  2. Articulate a community’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats)
  3. Define a community vision and identify priority projects
  4. Resolve inconsistencies among past plans and differing community visions
  5. Define the roles and responsibilities of key community stakeholders
  6. Establish an adoptable, actionable 1-3 year work plan

Toyer Framework® is based on a philosophy that the need to establish “what to do” should be proportionate to actually taking action. The word framework is most typically defined as either a supporting structure around which something can be built or a particular set of rules, ideas or beliefs which you use to decide what to do.  Our approach brings together a combination of the essential knowledge, ideas and support your community needs to implement a work plan.

Toyer Framework® relies on a combination of unique surveys, interviews and facilitated stakeholder meetings, as well as a compilation of key economic data for your community and a boots-on-the-ground tour of your community’s assets by one of our economic development professionals. The process generally takes 12-15 weeks depending on the size, location and availability of your stakeholders. The cost depends on the size of your community (base cost), plus travel expenses and any additional economic development services you may wish to purchase for you community.

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Toyer Framework® is a register trademark of Toyer Strategic Consulting, LLC.

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