Toyer Framework®

Toyer Framework®

Through our many years of experience leading and participating in planning exercises, we have too often seen communities and economic development organizations overspend their resources (time, money and human capital) on elaborate planning projects that produce plans costing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking a year (or more) to complete.

Unfortunately, these communities end up with one of three results:

1. No resources left to effectively implement the plan’s strategy
2. A lack of relevancy to the new conditions around them
3. They struggle to implement a vision masquerading as a plan

To solve this common problem, we created a new approach that we call the Toyer Framework®

And while this approach is primarily gearing toward economic development planning, it’s a solution that works for all kinds of strategic planning processes.  Further, it’s designed to create individualized and straight-forward plans for communities 50,000 population or smaller by:

  1. Defining the project challenges
  2. Cataloging the a community’s assets
  3. Articulating a community’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats)
  4. Defining or refining the community’s vision
  5. Identifying priority projects
  6. Resolving inconsistencies among past plans, differing visions and competing goals
  7. Defining the roles and responsibilities of the community or organization and its key stakeholders
  8. Jump-starting implementation of an actionable 3-5 year work plan

Toyer Framework® is based on a philosophy that establishing “what to do” should be proportionate to the more critical effort to act on what you’ve planned. We call our innovative approach a “framework” because the term framework means a supporting structure around which something can be built.  Planning is the creation of that support structure, but implementation is the “build” that comes afterwards.  The approach is also designed to overcome cognitive biases that cause new plans to be doomed before completion.

Toyer Framework® relies on a customized combination of unique surveys, interviews and facilitated stakeholder meetings, a compilation of relevant and actionable data, and a boots-on-the-ground tour of the community and its assets by one of our professionals.

The process generally takes 14-16 weeks depending on your community size, your location and the availability of your stakeholders.

Contact us today and get a quote for your community.

Toyer Framework® is a register trademark of Toyer Strategic Consulting, LLC.

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