Rachael /marketing/

Rachael Langerud /marketing/

Rachael Langerud is a responsible and detail oriented young business professional who excels in both individual and team work environments. With an interest in marketing and advertising, Toyer Strategic Consulting is proud to have Rachael Langerud on the marketing team.


After moving from Chino Hills, California to Burlington, Iowa, Rachael graduated from Burlington Notre Dame High School in 2017. Throughout her time in High School she was involved in a range of activities including National Honor Society, Leo Club, Choir, and Dance Team. During this time, Rachael spent 3 years working for a local business in downtown Burlington, Iowa. While working as a sales associate for a local boutique, Rachael was known for her exemplary customer service and team player mindset. Her favorite part of the job was marketing the store to Burlington to increase sales and promote feedback. Rachael was dedicated to exceeding store, individual, and performance goals.

In 2017, Rachael started working for the Burlington Golf Club as a Beverage assistant. After quickly learning to adapt to a fast-paced environment, Rachael exceeded sales goals through working diligently and efficiently. She received positive customer feedback and achieved high customer service.

Academic and Future Goals

Following high school graduation with a class size of 34, Rachael decided to attend Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Here, she is involved in the Collegiate Women in Business Club. Through this club she is able to be inspired by leading women in today’s business industry. Rachael also associates with Gamma Phi Beta sorority where she is able to empower young women through supporting the “Girls on the Run” organization. Ending each academic semester on dean’s list, Rachael’s academics take a priority in her life. She is double majoring in marketing and management with a minor in apparel merchandising. Her future academic goals include studying abroad and serving on the executive board for the “Collegiate Women in Business” club.  

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