Why Nothing Happens . . .

48077572 - close-up view on conceptual keyboard - implementation (blue key)We see it far too often.  A community hires a consultant and invests time and money in creating a new plan. The plan is presented, the vision is celebrated, people are excited and hopeful, and . . .

Nothing. . .

Sometime down the road the same community (not wishing to repeat the inaction of its last effort) hires a new consultant and invests time and money into a new effort to create a buzz-worthy “action plan” or “strategic plan” and . . .

Still nothing. . .


Because planning is an exercise.  Yes, planning is an action , but it’s also measured, defined and limited in effort to achieve a singular outcome: the plan.  Planning is not an accomplishment.  Planning is defined very clearly:

The act or process of making a plan or plans

Implementation is a separate beast.  But, implementation produces accomplishment.  Defined, implementation means:

The process of putting a decision or plan into effect; execution.

So what is the solution for the community that never seems to stop planning?  Implementation.

Our approach (and the advice we give our clients and prospective clients) is that any time they create a plan, they need to seamlessly follow up on that process by defining how that plan will be implemented and who will be responsible for implementation.  And for our clients that want to be overachievers, we advise them through the process of taking the first few steps of implementing the plan.

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