Pacific Passes Economic Development Friendly Amendments

Last night, the City Council in Pacific, Washington unanimously approved a package of code amendments that will encourage future economic development projects in their city.

Toyer Strategic Consulting proposed the package of code amendments, which addressed changes to the Office Park, Industrial and Commercial zoning districts.  Examples of the code amendments include:

  • Allowing additional uses in the Office Park zoning district
  • Permitting additional building height in the Office Park zoning district commensurate with additional building setbacks
  • Modifying the size of parking stalls and reducing off-street parking requirements.

In development the code amendments, Toyer Strategic worked with industrial developers, architects, engineers and city staff to identify areas of the code where changes would encourage future development opportunities.  Additionally, Toyer Strategic researched and evaluated similar code requirements in 19 other communities with like zoning districts and/or populations in order to ensure the changes make the City more competitive than peers at attracting projects.

The amendments were initiated in November 2017 and, based on last night’s action, they will become effective on April 3, 2018.

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