Turn to a higher level of success with our services

Your team at Toyer Strategic Consulting has years of success handling complex projects that often overwhelm our clients (and colleagues).  While each client’s needs are unique, the following are services we provide:

Just because a plan is long, doesn’t make it great.  Great plans are measured by the results.

Planning, Strategy & Implementation
We do more than help public and private sector clients develop plans and strategies – we help them implement the results!  From strategic plans to economic development plans to marketing plans, we excel at straight-forward, implementable plans.

Economic Development
We help communities plan, prioritize and implement winning economic development strategies.  Our work has led to over a quarter billion invested and more than 750 jobs created.  Whether it’s identifying industrial park development options, applying for site certification or establishing more sophisticated and trained staff, we’ve got the results to prove our value. Our firm can even provide interim economic development staffing as you search for your new Director, President or CEO.

Toyer Framework™
With this economic development service we offer communities with 50,000 population and smaller individualized and straight-forward economic development work plans that scrap the wordy dialogue in favor of specific actions communities can use to grow their economies. Learn more

Want to fly? Rocket to new heights with targeted marketing

Marketing & Creative
We’re not a traditional marketing, branding and creative firm, but we excel at targeted marketing strategies and creative campaigns for small to medium sized economic development programs, rural communities, housing authorities and real estate projects.

Facilitated Public Processes
From facilitating parent committees tasked with amending school district enrollment boundaries to leading city council retreats, we’ve designed and successfully facilitated critical meetings to optimize the end result (the decision, plan, agenda, etc.).

Land Use Advisory
We can assist our clients with preparing, submitting and securing comprehensive plan amendments, zoning amendments, and other complex land development entitlements.

We can lower the risk for your next investment.

Political Feasibility/Due Diligence
Everything is political. So, before your next real estate acquisition, let our team conduct a political feasibility assessment of the political and public relations risks.

Government Relations/Lobbying
Our firm is experienced in representing land use and economic development clients at the city, county and state levels advocating for and against policy changes that impact their bottom line. Let us help your business or organization tackle the legislative obstacles to your success.