One Community Around the Lake?

I was approached last fall by some folks I know in Lake Stevens about what it would take to annex their neighborhoods into the City.  Having supported a few past annexations (e.g. northlake, southwest) years ago, I was excited about the opportunity to help kick-start a new annexation effort.

Why?  Because growing up in Lake Stevens I’ve always wondered why the area around the lake wasn’t united as one community, why haven’t annexations happened sooner and how could things be different had annexations been completed (i.e. sidewalks around the entire lake, better planning of the community’s neighborhoods, road connections and parks).

I’ve also wondered why those areas around the lake but outside the City are generally content with paying taxes to the County when they could pay taxes to the City and keep those dollars closer to home and more specifically invested in Lake Stevens’ roads, parks, etc. (infrastructure they use regularly).

Neither annexation is very big and it’s been a heck of a time commitment on my part, BUT, I’m excited about the prospects of both annexations and about the opportunity to be part of bringing more of the community together around its greatest common element: the lake!


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