Municipal Annexations

We have solutions to put your annexation plan into action.

The Challenge
Cities want to control how their UGAs develop and want to benefit from commercial zoned areas, but annexations can be a difficult topic to broach with citizens and election method annexations have had very mixed results.

Some cities wait passively for citizen initiated annexations and some ‘force’ annexations by requiring annexation as a condition to be served by city utilities.  Others have studied or planned annexations but stopped short of taking action.

More often than not this delays annexations and those that move forward are often small annexations.

The Solution
Hire a consulting firm with annexation management expertise that can support and manage direct petition method annexations on behalf of the City.  According to the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC),

“Since petition method annexations do not involve ballot propositions, the prohibition in RCW 42.17A.555 against the use of city facilities and staff in support of a ballot proposition does not apply.”

Our firm has successfully managed multiple direct petition method annexations, including creating and distributing educational materials; gathering petition signatures; and walking the petition through the actual annexation process.

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