Marysville Builder Forum Answers Questions

The City of Marysville, WA held a builder forum on February 23, 2017.  The goal of the forum was to update the industry on City’s funded capital improvements and discuss concerns the industry has raised over how certain codes were impacting projects.  The following were some highlights:

  1. Water and sewer improvements in the Whiskey Ridge Sub-Area will be completed over the next two years.  Some will be constructed this year, while a couple will be designed this year and let for construction next spring.
  2. The City recognizes that the Whiskey Ridge Sub-Area plan is untested and the City is willing to be flexible in how certain standards may apply provided there is a master plan approach to how things will develop.  Additionally, the design aesthetic for this area is important to the City.
  3. The City will be spending 10s of millions of dollars in the next six years on road infrastructure and connectivity, compounding the benefits of over $100 million in new infrastructure that was approved in the most recent state transportation package.

But the best highlight of the day was an announcement by the City that they will be considering a code change that modestly increases the maximum impervious surface and building coverage permitted for small lots in the Whiskey Ridge Sub-Area.  Should the change remain on track, it could be introduced at Planning Commission on March 14th.

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