Land Use Advisory

We have nearly two decades of experience in zoning, real estate and entitlements.

Working with builders, developers and communities we create economic growth, housing solutions and improve codes and standards.

Our Washington State office primarily focuses on helping developers and builders navigate the State’s complex grow management laws while our Iowa office primarily advises Midwest communities interested in adding new housing.

Our Services
  1. Rezones and comprehensive plan amendments
  2. Creation of “planned development” and lot size averaging ordinances
  3. Model homes ordinances
  4. Negotiation of master development agreements
  5. Permit process efficiencies
  6. Resolution of preliminary and final plat conditions
  7. Incentive creation and negotiation (exclusive to economic development)
  8. Site identification and feasibility (exclusive to economic development)
  9. Annexations
  10. Facilitated public meetings on projects or policies

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