Economic Development Advisory

What community doesn’t want to win new economic investment? Let us show you how

We help plan, prioritize and implement winning economic development strategies!

Specializing in Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSAs), we primarily work with communities and economic development organizations that have core population centers under 50,000.

Our work has led to over a half billion in industrial and commercial capital investment and more than 800 jobs in just the last few years.

Our economic development services include:

  1. Strategic planning and implementation, including:
    • Toyer Framework® 
  2. Industrial park analysis and site certification support
  3. Business retention and expansion (BRE) program creation and support
  4. Targeted industry analysis
  5. Site due diligence and feasibility
  6. Project management
  7. Interim economic development staffing during Director, President or CEO searches
  8. Marketing and communications

About the Toyer Framework®

The Toyer Framework® is a strategic economic development planning service we offer communities with 50,000 population and smaller, creating individualized and straight-forward economic development work plans that scrap the wordy dialogue in favor of specific, implementable actions that client communities can immediately use to grow their economies. Learn more

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