Communications Advisory

We can help facilitate board planning meetings, public workshops and more.

Over the years we’ve learned that traditional media and communications companies are ill-equipped to handle the challenges of some situations, including

  • annexations
  • controversial land use projects
  • school enrollment boundary changes

To serve our clients effectively, we’ve created Monterrey Media Management, a consultancy specifically focused on these types of unique and challenging projects.

Specializing in. . .

While we can provide general marking and communications services, our specialty is handling projects involving land use or economic development components.

  1. Message development and media relations
  2. Planning strategic communications
  3. Economic development attraction marketing
  4. Community and stakeholder outreach
  5. Facilitation of public meetings, board meetings, stakeholder groups
  6. Design, production and distribution of direct mail, email newsletters and other collateral material
  7. Social media monitoring, interaction and brand support
Our Approach

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