Client Win: Marysville WA Approves Code Changes

A Win for Our Clients!

Last night the City of Marysville, WA unanimously adopted (7-0 vote) Ordinance 3057, increasing the maximum impervious surface to 65% and allowing building heights up to 35 feet on lots with a 10% or greater slope.  Request a copy of the ordinance.

How did this change happen?  

Toyer Strategic Consulting was retained by a Marysville landowner/developer that was hamstrung by the City’s impervious surface requirements.  The client requested we find a way to solve their problem.  After a brief assessment, our solution was to propose a code change and request the change also allow vested projects to use the minor modification process to gain approval to utilize the new and improved standards.

Our efforts opened the door for the Master Builders Association to propose several additional code amendments favorable to our client and other builders/developers.

How long did it take to get the change? 

58 business days.  The process was initiated on February 15th and required two planning commission work sessions and public hearing, as well as both a city council work session and regular business meeting.

This was a significant victory for our client and the industry due to the impact of the changes and the speed at which we were able move everything forward.

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