City Led Direct Petition Method Annexation?

Did you know that the Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC) of Washington has advised cities that they can provide direct support and resources for direct petition method annexation?  See MRSC comments here.

This has often taken the form of an “annexation coordinator” staff position (as in the case of the City of Lake Stevens back in 2005 to 2007).

HOWEVER, our firm believes this CAN include hiring a consultant to help a city pursue a direct petition method annexation, including identifying annexation areas, performing initial outreach to residents of the area, signature gathering and even processing the annexation through a boundary review board.

Recently, we’ve helped private landowners complete annexations, including a 100+ acre annexation in the City of Lake Stevens.  Learn more

Here’s a brief presentation of the how, why and cost of hiring a firm like ours to help with annexation:

Annexation Discussion
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