How Tech is Disrupting Planning & Economic Development

In the past several weeks we’ve devoted a number of blog posts to technology – artificial intelligence, gene editing, touch sensory robotics, machine learning and more.  Why? Simple.  Disruptive technologies are evolving faster than our current systems and mindsets.  In other words, things like community planning, small business strategies and economic… Continue reading

Did A.I. Influence the 2016 Election

Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to admit this was a historic election year.  Extreme divisiveness, a reality TV candidate (now President-elect) and a traditional campaign ground game (Clinton) against an unconventional campaign that appeared to have no cogent strategy. But was it even more historic than that?  It’s… Continue reading

The Tale of Two Cities

In late 2009, we pursued the opportunity to assist two cities with their economic development efforts. City A (who will remain anonymous) was looking to improve on its general position as a bedroom community to other larger cities and it wished to attract both retail and non-retail development. City B (Webster… Continue reading

You Call That a Plan

What is 562 pages long and calls for more planning and studies? A failed opportunity. Let me explain. I recently reviewed a 562 page long comprehensive plan. And to answer the obvious question, I didn’t do it because I was bored. In fact, I did it because I wanted to… Continue reading