Anne Anderson / Public Affairs MGR/

With leadership experience in public, private and nonprofit sectors, Anne lends unique perspective and creative insight to overcome even the most complex problems.

She brings 20 years of experience with political advocacy including writing and promoting legislation, capital and ops budget requests and policy development and advocacy at local, state and national levels of government.

Anne has spent the past 10 years running and consulting for nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience with grant writing and compliance, strategic partnership planning, publicity and community buy-in and getting projects funded.  She has experience running organizations small and large in the nonprofit and in the private sector.

Her career began in finance with positions in business banking and mortgages after which she took a position in the press office of a U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C.  Her involvement more locally in campaigns and policy have earned her the connections to assist in affecting positive change.

A Bachelor’s in public relations and sociolinguistics provided her with a solid foundation in creating messaging and framing, strategic partnership planning and simplifying complex concepts for maximum effectiveness.