Action Planning

Chances are very good that you’ve been part of a strategic planning process that never went further than the document created.

The Problem

The problem with ‘strategic planing’ is that it’s structurally limited to that of a process for producing a document.  And the document becomes the result as opposed to the first act towards generating results.  That’s why former California Governor Jerry Brown once correctly surmised, “The reason everyone likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.

Action Planning

Micropolitans like yours can’t afford to spend your resources just creating documents.   You need results and the Toyer Framework® is a straight forward and cost effective approach to defining strategy and taking action.

Using Toyer Framework® we help Micropolitans:

  1. Resolve the inconsistencies of past plans
  2. Define or refine the community’s vision
  3. Articulate SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats)
  4. Prioritize actions and investments
  5. Define roles and responsibilities for implementation

The Toyer Framework® involves a community download call; a series of strategic interviews; a boots-on-the-ground tour and asset inventory by one of our economic developers; a one-day, facilitated session with your team or board; a conference call debrief; a short report outlining the actionable, implementable strategies for your Micropolitan; and three implementation coaching sessions via conference call.

Starting at $7,500 + expenses

Contact us today to get a quote for your Micropolitan.

Toyer Framework® is a registered trademark of Toyer Strategic Consulting, LLC.

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